Update on Dvorak cases

This is a link to an article in Sunday’s Boston Globe about cases filed by Boston immigration attorney John K. Dvorak — many of which are now being denied. I’ve spoken to many Brazilians who filed petitions with this lawyer, and am filing responses to notices of revocation that follow the “notice of intent to revoke.” This is an extremely unjust situation: there are many valid cases that are being denied because of suspected fraud by some people. Our legal ideal is punishment for people who actually do wrong, not a system of guilt by association.

If your case is pending, you should prepare for a possible denial by getting proof of the work experience that qualified you for your job here in the US, and the efforts that the petitioner made to follow the recruitment process — USCIS doesn’t give much time to respond to these notices. I recently had a case where the petitioner’s employee who handled recruitment hadn’t worked there for 7 years, so it took time to find her!

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